Album Stream: Cut Copy - Zonoscope

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Cut Copy - Zonoscope
​On February 8, Australian indie/synthpop band Cut Copy will release their third full-length, Zonoscope. The album signals a new direction for the boys from Melbourne -- gone are the synth-driven, hyper-energetic songs from 2008's brilliant In Ghost Colours, instead replaced with more rhythmic, offerings. No where is this felt more than on the Pitchfork Best-New-Music-worthy "Need You Now."

But one song does not a full album make. Cut Copy has made the entirety of Zonoscope available for album stream. However, there's a small catch.

In an ingenious marketing move, the band requires you to login to Twitter and tweet the deets about Zonoscope. Only after you spread the word can you unlock the album stream. Pretty smooth move, if you ask me -- they already got me to tweet the news.

Check out this link provided by the band to start the process of unlocking the Zonoscope stream. 

Zonoscope is out 2/8 via Modular. By the way, this seems to be working quite well. Job well done, Cutters.

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