Salvia Sales Soar After Miley's Bong Video Leaks

Salvia sales in Los Angeles have rapidly increased since a video of teen pop star Miley Cyrus allegedly smoking salvia from a bong leaked early Friday morning, according to NME.

Apparently the video has triggered salvia sales to triple overnight.

It seems many lots people than usual went to L.A. shops over the weekend and asked for salvia or "the stuff Miley was smoking." Yup, Miley Cyrus has become the new legal drug ambassador to our nation's youth.

The leak of Miley's video as well as the increased sales of salvia have prompted lawmakers, particularly those in California, to make a call to action for salvia to be banned in the United States. (That's funny because pot is basically legal there -- I guess in a few years people will be lined up for "medical salvia" cards.)

Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with smoking legal herbs, but maybe Miley should join a D.A.R.E. campaign really soon to help shed her new image. Not to mention that her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, is deeply disappointed in her, as he recently tweeted (@billyraycyrus), "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad. There is much beyond my control right now." Cue the sad trombone noises.

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salvia trip

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Jennifer Costa
Jennifer Costa

I live in Los Angeles and I found where she actually got the salvia from, it is a website called and she was smoking the 5x extra strength stuff, her friends always shop there online , great American Herbal is the brand


it has not been linked to any deaths, but there have been suicides because of it, my point was u cannot compare marijuana and salvia. has marijuana ever made anyone want to jump out of a building, NO, and if it did, theyd probably be too lazy and feel too good to get off the couch


"It seems many lots people than usual..." reminds me of my old Italian professor, who would always say, "this is much the problem." Seriously, proofread much? Ever?


how dare you say medical salvia card, people use marijuana for true medicinal purposes. Some people wouldnt be here if it wasnt for marijuana, or they wouldnt be able to live a full life. It has done wonders for people and never killed anyone, salvia should be illegal, people have died because of it. Dont make a mockery of marijuana


Remember Kids, be careful with herbs and learn about what you're doing - Respect the Wild!

What we really ought to ban is the bible thumpers who want to make laws that reflect their "religious values." Oh, that's right we do - the FIRST AMENDMENT which reads in part: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. . .

Yeah, that's right, alchol prohibition was UNCONSTITUTIONAL because it was not based upon promoting the "General Welfare" as the percentage of abuse in our society was quite small and did not affect the economy or the welfare of a large proportion of our citizens. It was passed by a bunch of bible thumpers. This is the same principle for herion, cocain, pot, salvia and yes NUTMEG or any other thousands of substances, both naturally occuring and manmade - stay out of people's own business. If they ain't bothering you - BUTT OUT!

That's the basis of the Tea Party, the Libertarians and even the Republican Party - but it's those very same people who wish to pass unconstitutional laws which restrict people's freedoms. Those who wish to ban substances based on the notion that one can get "high" on them, they are constitution haters, plain and simple and we should ignore those ignorant people - they are "out of order."

Tell the truth about this herb Lenni, it's scientific name is Salvia Divinorum - It's Common Name is SAGE!!!

Lenni, why not take the opportunity and educate your readers about this marvelous herb rather than just make cutesy comments about it. You are really doing a disservice to your readership by attempting to copy the tenor of the articles in a typical teen magazine - oh wait, how old are you?

Salvia is not 'fun' in the way that alcohol or cannabis can be. If you try to party with salvia you probably will not have a good experience. Salvia is a consciousness-changing herb that can be used in a vision quest, or in a healing ritual. In the right setting, salvia makes it possible to see visions. It is an herb with a long tradition of sacred use. It is useful for deep meditation. It is best taken in a quiet, nearly dark room; either alone, or with one or two good friends present. —Salvia divinorum User's Guide An experienced salvia user who is chewing a quid, may often choose to do it alone, and may be quite safe in doing so. But having a pleasant, sensible, sober sitter is an absolute must if you are trying vaporization, smoking high doses of extract-enhanced leaves, or using pure salvinorin. —Salvia divinorum User's Guide

BTW - PLEASE don't tell them about nutmeg - I really like my eggnog with a quarter cup of the stuff - get's you high as shit!

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