Kanye West's "Monster" Video Leaks

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Look who's mean muggin'
​It's a pretty slow day today as we creep towards New Year's Eve and all of that excitement. I'm still deaf from last night's Steve Aoki show, but that didn't stop me from watching a leak of the latest video from Kanye West -- "Monster." It's pretty rough right now and has been uploaded about fifteen different times on Youtube, but it still is what it is. Rick Ross, Jay-Z and two versions of Nicki Minaj join West in all the madness. Pay special attention to Nicki Minaj's part near the end of the video -- her vocals are the most interesting, ahem, part of the song, and her part(s) in the video are pretty unique, as well. 

If ever you wondered what Kanye West would look like as some sort of pseudo-Van Helsing, then look no further:

As I am writing this, the video is still on Youtube. I realize this may not be the case later in the day, so enjoy the video for Kanye West's "Monster" while you can:

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