Jordin Sparks Plans Huge 21st Birthday Bash in Phoenix

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Jordin Sparks is about to be 21.

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks will throw herself a huge 21st birthday bash at The Compound Grill in Phoenix on Wednesday, December 22.

Yes, the Grammy nominated Sparks will be legal a few days before Christmas, and the NoPho venue will celebrate with a party featuring music from Micah, Jon from pop punk band A Change Of Pace and DJ Babey Drew, who is Chris Brown's DJ. Tickets are $20 here.

Let's hope Brown himself isn't anywhere near Phoenix and that, if he is, Poppa Sparks keeps him away from the (young and virginal?) Jordin.

If he is there we won't get photos.

"No Cameras Allowed." Sorry.

This event is hosted by and benefits THE M.A.D. GIRLS, a non-profit corporation, dedicated to humanitarian causes.

Sparks, the youngest American Idol winner, has scored two platinum records, done Broadway, and launched her own brand of perfume without having a legal beer.

Kind of makes you feel like a loser, huh?

So, now for the real issue... What should Jordin's first drink be? A glass of white wine, a Bud Light, maybe a Jagerbomb?

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Yeah martin, try to have some respect eh?


I am sure Jordin Sparks has more than 2 Platinum records:

1. Tattoo - Sold two million plus2. No Air - Sold four million downloads and over three million USA3. One Step At A Time - Sold one million plus4. Battlefield - Sold two million plus


I don,t think she want anyone but family and friend and the Usher man!!!!!!!!


You are a troublemaker and should keep your feelings about Chris to your self.

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