Jack White Angry With eBay Auction Participants

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Jack White is pissed off at his own fans, according to Antiquiet.

Jack's own Third Man Records' recent eBay auctions for one of five copies of the White Stripes' rare first album reissue didn't quite go as planned. He's angry at flippers, the fans that buy these albums for cheap prices and resell them for huge profits.

Now he's leaving it up to the fans to decide what ridiculous price they'll pay for a record. Rather than setting a price and having an auction winner, he's letting people bid as they please and bringing in more profits for himself.

"If 300 is what it's worth, then why doesn't Third Man Records sell it for 300?" Jack asked. "If we sell them for more, the artist gets more, the flipper gets nothing ... We thought we'd let you decide how much they cost this time."

After having written a series of clever, snarky comments to his more selfish fans, it is clear that Jack White has outfoxed the foxes. Way to go, Jack!

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Teri B
Teri B

How about we just download it for free and screw you too Jackie.


If jack White is really concerned with this, he would tell the company not to intentionally press limited copies of the record. If there were 10,000 of them, the flippers wouldn't get anything and people who wanted the record would be able to get it. When you intentionally create something limited that you know there is more demand for, you're the one causing the problem, not the fans.


you hit the nail on the head - all this represents is deliberate, designed-in, manufactured scarcity, which is nothing if not a method to artificially inflate values beyond what is reasonable or warranted. It is NOT the same thing as "collecting" rare records where the item is, say, vintage or out-of-print. Contemporary "limited" releases are simply a contrived attempt to use fear (the fear of doing without) to manipulate people, in this case, to go to extreme & unreasonable lengths to acquire something. What is astounding (and dishonest) to me is having the brass to publicly say "we are doing this FOR you, the fan". I suppose if people can't (or won't) see through this sort of huckster-ism, then shame on them...

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