Afterlife Hosts Tron Legacy Party on Friday

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Greetings, programs! Didja know there's some kind of movie called Tron Legacy hitting theatres this weekend? Yeah, it took us by surprise too, considering there's been absolutely zero promotion or press about it lately.

All jokes aside, the flick that many are expecting to be one of the biggest of the holidays (True Grit nonwithstanding) will be making its debut in the next 48 hours. As such, a few Valley bars and clubs will be hosting futuristic Tron-themed throwdowns in honor of the occasion, including Afterlife in Scottsdale.

While Obscura already beat everyone to the punch last weekend with its Tron party, Afterlife owner Aron Mezo is promising that their version will offer twice as much laser-filled licentiousness. A total of 10 different local rave DJs will be in the mix during the evening, including Spyder, Cytheria, Dizolve, Natecch, and Blake Land. It's probably a safe bet that a track or two from the much ballyhooed Daft Punk soundtrack will be played during the evening. A fashion show featuring designs by Culture Fresh will also take place.

As is the norm at Afterlife, patrons are encouraged to come in costumes appropriate for the event and will receive reduced admission, a chance to win prizes for best costume, and likely plenty of stares (especially if they dress like the Tron Guy). Doors open at 10 p.m. and admission is $10-$15 (with discounts also offered to those with Tron Legacy ticket stubs).

Daft Punk - Derezzed (Tron Legacy Soundtrack - NTEIBINT Remix) by lxl

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Rush em homies rush em,<<<<<<<<<west gods="" music<="" of="" side="">> THE DOORS ARE OPEN< UNDERGROUND INVASION OF THE STAUS QUO</west>


another bad ass spirit ranch live event


Matt Dunn and Sissko will be there too!

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