What Laura Says Helps Ease Your Bus Riding Woes with Valley Metro NOTES

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Local band What Laura Says, as seen as cartoons
​For those with a healthy trepidation for riding public transportation, Valley Metro has your back. Their just announced NOTES project is a unique collaboration where Valley musicians record songs about the ins and outs of riding the bus, riding light rail and how to pay your fare.

It sounds pretty boring, admittedly, but the songs themselves are done in the respective style of each band -- adding an entertaining value to something as mundane as how to properly ride the bus.Yesterday, FOX 10 Arizona Morning did an interview with Valley rockers What Laura Says to help debut NOTES.

Their song "How to Ride the Bus" is the first NOTES song to be made available. Bassist Dave "Mitch Freedom" Maroney is absolutely bullshitting poor Kristin Anderson, by the way. 

Valley Metro describes NOTES as, "a series of short animated music videos that demonstrate all the ins and outs of riding transit!" Fun!

In addition to What Laura Says' song about the bus, Elvis Before Noon has recorded their own track, "How To Ride the Light Rail." Other bands tabbed for the NOTES project include Peachcake, Black Carl, Mills End and Captain Squeegee. New songs will become available every month and are available for free download at the NOTES website

Valley Metro's NOTES project may seem a bit odd, but it is still a unique way for local bands to help out a local cause, if you will. I will add this, however -- I hardly think the majority of people that ride the bus and/or light rail have ever even heard of any of these bands. let alone their music. It's all in good fun, though. Paying for light rail fare can sometimes be overwhelming!

Eh, not really.

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Way to give up on life...public transportation informational video.


Sounds about as classy as Tempe's "Riding the transit system with some washed-up bloke from a sex pistol cover band."

Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez

Good call! I remember that weird commercial.

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