Scottsdale's Drift Lounge Closes This Weekend

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drift scottsdale closing.jpg
Old Town Scottsdale is losing one of its more recognizable nightlife landmarks in the next couple days, as Drift Lounge is closing after the Thanksgiving weekend.

The haute Hawaiian-style paradise located on 75th Street is heading off into the sunset, giving Trader Vic's sole domain over the tiki-style fun in Scottsdale. 

It's been a classically kitschy nighttime destination for most of the past decade, packed with island-inspired flavor, and Polynesian decorations (like its signature tiki gods), as well as DJs and deckmasters spinning on the weekends.

Our sister blog Chow Bella has additional details about the closure and a few final deals that the establishment will offer its patrons. Click here to read more.

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I dont buy it. Especially since they are doing construction on the building

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