My Chemical Romance Un-Boycotting Arizona: List of Sound Strike Deserters Grows

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New Jersey-based pop-punk-emo band My Chemical Romance seems to have deserted the Sound Strike.

The band was on an old list of acts boycotting Arizona over the super-stupid immigration law SB 1070 -- which was gutted by the courts before it took effect -- but announced today a Marquee Theatre show on May 24, 2011.

Pitbull, another original Sound Striker, crossed the picket line last month after issuing a statement saying he'd decided to back off his protest because the law never really went into effect.

My Chemical Romance added the Tempe date to their World Contamination Tour without any statement. Their representative, TJ Tauriello of Warner Bros. Records hasn't responded to an inquiry about the change of heart.

The band's name has been removed from the Sound Strike's site artist list though the old press release announcing their addition (see screenshot above) is still live.

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their name is still on soundstrike list.


They never put themselves on that list. The band would have issued a statement about it if they did. There's accounts of bands/acts never requesting to be on these lists in the first place only to find out that they have been added without notice. Don't persecute the band like it's something they did wrong. Shouldn't the New Times be supporting this act? I'm sure you'll be advertising it and requesting interviews when the show gets closer. I hate when publications act two-faced.

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

Sorry, anonymous, but I'm pretty sure the Sound Strike organizers didn't add the band to the list without their permission.

And I assure you we're not two-faced.


I just went on the site and the concert is off the calendar. I think this got turned around. SHit!

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