Matty B Will Blow Your Mind with His 7-Year-Old Raps

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Matty B raps
Get ready to feel like a major under-achiever.

This 7-year-old kid is living thug life to the fullest, and he will absolutely blow you away with his "cover" of Kesha's "We R Who We R" (Perez Hilton is even raving about it.)

Matty B already has an entourage of little girls (see his video for "What's My Name?"), and he isn't afraid to shoot down haters who are quick to dismiss his adorable blond bowl cut, small stature or the fact he likes to rhyme while riding down slides. He's covered everyone from Bruno Mars to Far East Movement, and Justin Bieber better watch the f- out.

In only 5 months, his YouTube channel has more than 20 million uploads, and it's no wonder why: this kid drops mad rhymes, yo. Check out some of this best videos below, and be prepared to be awed.

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My Life Starts Now
My Life Starts Now

It took me 14 frantic seconds to stop the torture by hitting pause when I visited one of his Youtube vids. This kid is being exploited in the worst way by his parents.


I just can't get enough of this kid! He has been featured on and I keep one of his new videos in my videos of the week column on my site. For a 1st grader, this boy already had the whole package and each new video brings greater charisma and excitement. Thanks for the write up and for sharing this future artist that may end up breaking Justin Biebers record at the AMA awards in the near future! Congratulations MattyB we are truly a fan and a continual supporter!


"Check out my wrist somebody. . . PURPLE PENGUINS"

This kid is way dope.


I hate this kid he can go to hell and I won't care

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