Future Loves Past, Gwar, The Aggrolites, and More in This Week's Issue

Future Loves Past.jpg
Future Loves Past, or whatever they want to be called tomorrow, is a favorite at the new Long Wong's.
Regulars at the new Long Wong's have a new favorite band. What are they called again? They change their name practically every five minutes, but for now they're going by Future Loves Past and they're helping shape a special vibe for the venue, making it a hip hangout spot and a place to rock out even after last call.

Gwar is still looking at the human race as a free comedy hour. They joked about Americans immigrating to Mexico, taking over the world, and predicting the future. Meanwhile, the Aggrolites are taking white reggae music to another level. Their fresh Jamaican skinhead style makes them worth seeing this weekend.

Plus we've got show previews for Pepper, The Thermals, Tim Kasher, and Melanie.

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I have seen the Aggrolites a few times and everytime they have been sick. If you get a chance to see them do it. Its a great show

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