DJ Manchester Talks Britpop, Shadowplay, Anderson's, The Smiths, Interpol, and More

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DJ Manchester
ddie Lebario (a.k.a. DJ Manchester) is old school, just like his favorite musical genre.

As you'll read in this week's version of DJ Dossier, the cat has been spinning up the hits inside local clubs since the mid '90s. And more often than not, said hits have typically been from the early '80s era of Britpop and English rock, as Lebario has a rather substantial appreciation for acts like Joy Division, Bauhaus, and The Cure.

Back in the day, you could catch him schlepping his selection of Smiths and other U.K. tastemakers from that era at the now-defunct Anderson's Fifth Estate. These days, however, he works the mixers at Rips Ales & Cocktails during his monthly Shadowplay session (the latest edition of which takes place tomorrow night).

Read on for a rundown of Lebario's favorite Britpop bands, as well as a list of which modern-day indie rock acts he also enjoys, and who he thinks would win in a fistfight between Morrissey and Peter Murphy.

Name: Eddie Lebario

AKA: DJ Manchester

Genres spun: New Wave, post-punk, Britpop, indie, '80s alternative, etc.

Current club nights: My new monthly, Shadowplay, is every third Saturday at Rips Ales and Cocktails.

How did you get started as a DJ? Completely fell into it. I've been a local musician playing the clubs since 1996, and I would go hang out at Panic! with a lot of other local musicians. The resident DJ at the time was leaving and the promoter asked me if I would like to take over, and that was that.

Explanation behind your nickname: It's a tribute to my favorite musical city on the planet...Manchester, England.

Other clubs and events you've spun at: Anderson's Fifth Estate, The Haunted Castle, The Rogue Bar, The Ruby Room, Goat Head Saloon, and Club Red. I have also guest DJ'd for William Reed at the old Shake!, Style Council, and Pretty Vacant weekly club nights.

Bygone club you miss the most: I miss Anderson's the most since it was a musical institution for so many years.

What do you like best about the Valley's DJ scene? I like the diversity in styles and all the DJs I have met have been very supportive and professional.

What's your mantra? I try my best to make sure everyone in the house has a dancing good time, and I also try to play as many requests as possible.

Best experience as a DJ: My greatest moments were bringing out Andy Rourke from The Smiths, Paul Ryder from The Happy Mondays, and Kele Okereke and Matt Tong from The Bloc Party as guest DJs.

And the worst? Having one bar patron nearly get violent because I didn't have an obscure song from Outkast.

What's Shadowplay all about? It's the name of a Joy Division song, but I also thought it also best described the vibe I am trying to capture at Rips.

Which is? A comfortable place where music enthusiasts can go to dance, hang out, and enjoy the music.

Where can you be found when not DJing? Aside from holding down the day job, I am laying the groundwork for recording some new original music. The George and Dragon is also a great watering hole when time permits.

Other projects you're currently working on: I am working on incorporating some custom visuals for Shadowplay for added ambiance.

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As much as I am a Smiths fan too, Murphy would definitely win. I was at the Modern English show as well. Excellent set. Too bad everyone just wanted to hear "I Melt With You." That is one of our most recent record purchases as well. I give it a double thumbs up, very hypnotic and well produced. Has hints of Joy Division, but also some some of the Discord Records stuff from the past 10 years.

I also caught the beginning of your set at Rips the other night. Good one with the Plimsouls song. I had to go early to catch the Channel 3 show, but I will bring some girlfriends back to dance next time. Love your taste in music, so I will be back for more.

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