Club Candids: Seven Sexy Sins Bash at Afterlife

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club candids pic.JPG
Benjamin Leatherman
Some of the costumed cuties at Afterlife.
There was plenty of after-hours activity taking place across the Valley over Halloween weekend, including plenty of freaky late-night fetes and fiestas that went down past the midnight hour. 
Over at Afterlife in Scottsdale, costumed craziness was ensuing during the club's Seven Sexy Sins Bash.

Over the course of the evening (and into the early morning hours), we witnessed various examples of each and every sin at the after-hours hot spot, ranging from envy and wrath and sloth to good old fashioned lust and gluttony. 

See how many of these you can spot with your very own eyes when you take a gander at our slideshow of the event.

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