Best Coast, Bad Religion, Exposé, and More in This Week's Issue

Best Coast's L.A. sound is as colorful as her L.A. home.

Bethany Cosentino, vocalist of the pop band Best Coast, says her band radiates lo-fi California warmth. Best Coast is perfecting the sounds of sunshine, and they're working with producer Bobb Bruno, king of the Los Angeles underground scene. The band has been busting out catchy singles since 2009 and hasn't stopped accumulating a growing following ever since then.

Bad Religion's logo the Crossbuster is essentially a "no smoking" sign on top of a big black cross. Unfortunately the logo is way cooler than the played out band it represents. If only most of their album titles were as awesome as the Crossbuster. Meanwhile, low profile Miami dance band Exposé is making Arizonans nostalgic for some good ol' freestyle. They're hyped up to be a part of the upcoming Old School Jam at the State Fair.

Plus we've got show previews for Joanna Newsom, A Perfect Circle, Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, Elton John and Leon Russell, and Delorean.

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Bad Religion is a great, NOT played out band!! New Maps of Hell was brilliant and Dissent of Man shows they can still write songs that relate to both old and new fans alike. Nice to see your bar for the band is set on their logo. GREAT CRITIQUE!!!

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