Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Rock It with Pretty Lights at US Airways Center

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Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers managed to get the crowd at their US Airways Center show last night in a really good mood, with rocking guitar licks and a cool light show. The band was so good, they even convinced non-fans of their rock god status. Catch up on what some of his fans were feeling after the show, and read our review here.

Tom Petty
@seanlemnah- FINALLY back home from the Tom Petty Concert. Chuck Berry opened, but unfortunately, he was horrible. Tom Petty rocked, though!!!

@BridgetDaly- I wish I was still at the concert. I could've watched Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers all night. What true professional rock n roll legends.

@Gamingalr- Went to a Tom Petty concert. It was pretty kickass, save for the insane and angry drunks surrounding us.

@_thisandthat_- What. GGRRREEEEEAAATTT concert! Tom Petty rocked it and then some. And the Heart breakers were phenomenal!!!!

@seanlemnah- The Tom Petty Concert was FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!

@Beth4havasu- Yeah, worth the wait, he is rockin da house

@azhighways- Sitting at Tom Petty concert last nite inspired me to grow a Grizzly Adams beard like Tom's and move to Flagstaff.

@jovibabeaz- AMAZING!! Waiting for them to come back on stage for the encore!!! OH HOW I LOVE TOM PETTY and THE HEARTBREAKERS!!!!!!!!

@cupcakebrooklyn- tom petty was truely amazing His music runs in my soul. classic rock show

@teejayeff- Tom petty show was GREAT! And chuck berry can still kick it too. Excellent night in phx!

- Tom Petty was great...and this coming from someone who is NOT a fan at all...! Loved the show.

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