The Fall Frontman Got Feisty at Electric Picnic Festival

The Fall's frontman Mark E. Smith allegedly threw a bottle at Mumford & Sons at a festival in Dublin last month, according to NME.

Way to get aggressive, Mark. And for what? It turns out he simply didn't like the way Mumford & Sons played during their sound check. Smith also reportedly called the band "a load of retarded Irish folk singers." Right, Mark, because you're so beautiful yourself...ick.

How rude of him. I understand that some musicians think that rules don't apply to them, but don't check your manners at the door. I guess nothing constitutes a great festival like some completely unnecessary band-to-band trash talking.

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Jason P. Woodbury
Jason P. Woodbury

Mark E. Smith has made dangerous, exciting music since 1976, including a fairly legendary set a couple years ago here in Phoenix that found him fueding with his own band. Mumford and Sons, on the other hand, are a trite major label attempt to cash in on the indie-folk "movement."

I say, way to go, Mark! Keep being a batshit crazy asshole. The music world is all the better for it.

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