MTV President Leaves Network

Longtime MTV president Tony DiSanto is leaving the network, according to Variety.

DiSanto is moving on to pursue a role as an independent program producer on primetime reality series.

He'll be sticking with MTV through the end of the year to help with the transition process for his replacement, who will likely be David Janollari.

Tony DiSanto has been with MTV since 1989, when he was an intern. He co-created the hit show Total Request Live. He also took a lead role in developing MTV2.

On the upside, DiSanto will be saying farewell to MTV while ratings are still up from crummy yet amusing shows like "Teen Mom" and juicehead sensation "Jersey Shore."

Hopefully DiSanto's successor will turn MTV back into what it's supposed to be: music television. The only things the station airs anymore are the year's crappiest award show and anything but music, aside from a few hours of videos in the morning. What ever happened to the good old MTV, back when it aired awesome music-oriented shows like Say What? Karaoke and Headbanger's Ball, as well as a multitude of other great shows from before I was born? I want my MTV!

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Music Videos are DEAD. Remember in the 80's when MTV was the only place you could see videos, however that is not the case. You can watch vids online, or on your IPOD you don't need to watch them on the tele. MTV had to change and adapt programming to their young audience because if they didn't they would of gone the way of Night Flight. Damn I just dated

Lenni Rosenblum
Lenni Rosenblum

I agree. The network is just littered with crappy reality shows these days and nearly no music. It's a shame.

Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez

It seems pretty unlikely that music videos are going to be programmed as extensively as they once were considering they dropped the "music" from all of their logos and branding.


FUCK EMPTY V... brainless show, and why is it still called MTV when they never play music.. LAME

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