Far East Movement Gets Sober Girls to Act Like They're Drunk in "Like a G6"

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Far East Movement

Oh, how much fun it is to use gibberish.

There is plenty of nonsensical vocab in Far East Movement's first hit single, "Like a G6," from "slizzard", to "sizzurp," to "808 bump"--partially in thanks to the hook from Dev's "Booty Bounce". It is as if the band took a cue from the Black Eyed Peas: sing about getting smashed and put it over a dance beat, and you've got a hit!

Not only does the group promote getting drunk in general, there is also a shout-out for drunk driving in the track, as Dev sings, "Sippin' sizzurp in my ride." Just for the record, anyone drinking in a car in California (where the artists are from) is illegal, even if it's just the passenger drinking. That is a pretty irresponsible message for these musicians to be promoting to their listeners, especially because anyone who would like this song has got to be super-impressionable.

The alcohol is what makes Dev feel just like a G6. Although the literal meaning of G6 is unclear (perhaps it means a jet?), the context of the song makes it seem that feeling like one means you are feeling pretty darn good. And it is sad that to feel so good and fly, you have to "pop bottles in the ice like a blizzard" first.

And merely sipping a single cocktail is not enough to give you confidence, so the song says. "When we drink, we do it right, gettin' slizzard," Dev sings. Just what is slizzard, you ask? It most likely means highly intoxicated. Why getting wasted is that attractive, who knows, but it has now become the basis for a Top 10 hit.

Far East Movement encourages the ladies in the club to "Drink, drink it up," because it is the cool kid thing to do. After all, "When sober girls around me, they be actin' like they drunk," one of the members raps. In other words, they be actin' like they're flirty and not-so-intelligent and may be willing to let the guys get it in--just like Far East Movement likes it. No serious, intellectual, thoughtful girls for this group!

Really, if you want to get with someone in FEM, you need to get your drink on often. "Girl, I keep it gangsta', poppin' bottles at the crib. This is how we live, every single night. Take that bottle to the head, and let me see you fly." These are people who party for a living, and while it is definitely fun to get tipsy from time to time, you have got to question just how real interactions are when they are constantly under the influence of alcohol.

The message in "Like a G6" is the most superficial out there right now, and it is grounds for date rape and drunk driving. The sad thing is, many people who like this song are not 21, but they are being told that to have fun, you have to drink alcohol. But hey, at least the band created some new jargon.

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Russ Palmer
Russ Palmer

great post, great song. drink in the passenger seat. #slizzard


Party song or not, it doesn't actually refer to drinking alcohol. If it were about alcohol it wouldn't be a big deal. Sipping a drink in a limo is ok by me, but it's about abusing Codeine cough syrup for fun! Yay! Look up sizzurp. Cough syrup and grape soda. . . that seems safe, and cool! Keep on keepin' it gangsta' morons...


It refers to date rape only in your mind. I did not once think of rape when I heard this song on the radio. Visuals of crazy kids drinking? Yes. Rape? No. Best wishes my friend; and don't take everything so seriously.


Wow Melissa Rein. Defending FEM? You're pathetic.


It's a party song, don't get so up tight. Where the heck does date rape and drunk driving play in any of this. There is pre-drinking in a car but not once did they say they were driving while doing so, since you're getting analytical about it. But it's so ok, cause there'll always be haters out there like you. Since there is freedom of speech you're free to hate. The song speaks for itself #1 iTunes and #2 on Billboard. Geez I feel bad for ever decides to take you out to show you a good time....Btw, wait till the album comes out. I'm sure you'll realize there's a more meaningfull side to Far East Movement than you know. They've already change the face of music and may have album of the year! Hope you lighten up on your next article on these guys. Peace.

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