Miniature Tigers Finally Face The Roots in Red Bull-Sponsored Rock Battle

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​In a case of "why?" and "how did this even come about?," (editors note: to sell energy drinks) once Phoenix-based indie rockers Miniature Tigers will face Philadelphia legends The Roots in a turn-based, Red Bull-sponsored rock battle November 20 in Scottsdale.

The whole thing is going down at American Junkie, situated in the heart of Scottsdale's nightlife district. The bands will battle it out on stages across N. 75th street and the whole thing will be hosted by Akrobatik featuring DJ Senbad and DJR. Tickets are $10. Event info can be found here.

I'm not a betting man, but...

I'm going to go ahead and put my money on Questlove and Co., even though there will probably be some bullshit Arizona bias towards the Mini T's. This is the same band, might I remind you, that moved to Brooklyn from Arizona to record their latest album Fortress, because they knew there was zero opportunity, living in Phoenix, for them to get a song ("Gold Skull") and the rest of the album produced by Alan Palomo (better known as Neon Indian) and Chris Chu from The Morning Benders, respectively.

Never seen The Roots live?

Do yourself a favor and get your ass out to American Junkie that Saturday.

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Amen, Psyko Steve. Enough with self-loathing - that's Woody Allen's department, and "journalists" doing "journalism" like this has long been part of the problem.

Although I do agree that the Miniature Tigers will get smoked by the Roots. How is this even a fair competition? Does ?uestlove only get to use one arm? Does Tariq have to inhale helium before each verse? Do they have to play on Fisher Price instruments? I've seen both bands... there is no comparison.

Stephen Chilton
Stephen Chilton

A point I did not adress for a reason ;)

It is going to be a damn good show either way.

Martin Is God
Martin Is God

The Roots are gonna destroy Miniature Tigers.

Stephen Chilton
Stephen Chilton

I think the statment "zero opportunity, living in Phoenix" is tottal BS!! Never stoped Jimmy Eat World, The Format, Dear And The Headlights, The Maine or Job For A Cowboy. And it never stoped the PHOENIX New Times from taking over The Village Voice. It is the kind of Bullshit narative that we don't need the New Times to keep spreading.

I think Charlie (the only member of the band to has ever moved) would disagree too.

Alex still lives in Phoenix and has not moved to NYC. Algernon always lived in NYC, he played with the band for a year while they were still "based" in AZ. And Rick has always lived in LA even when they were a "local Phoenix" band.

One guy, Charlie, quasi moved for his own reasons. Part of it was to be close to some things happening with HIS band at that time, part of it was he wanted to try NYC.

This paper really needs to stop useing everytime something good happens with this band as an excuse to shit on it's onw town.

Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez

Alan Palomo and Chris Chu don't come to you. You go to them.

Stephen Chilton
Stephen Chilton

That is true of lots of bands making records. Jimmy Eat World and the Format often traveled to make records out of town. Many New York bands go to LA to do records and vice versa. Nevermind was made in LA not Seattle.

They could have made that same record the same way with Charlie here. The way they did record the record with Charlie moving still involved two members crossing the country to make the record.

It is also true that both Alan Palomo and Chris Chu had signed on to do the record before one member of the band moved.

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