Miniature Tigers Do Daytrotter

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Brooklyn-livin' Phoenix-leavin' indie-pop band Miniature Tigers have done a second Daytrotter session.

The Chicago-based Quad Cities-based taste-making website writes: "Miniature Tigers are one of the best examples America has of a young band working a something new, something old and something borrowed mentality with its songwriting. With each album they make more bold steps forward..."

That statement about a bold step forward on "each album" is apparently based on a sample size of one, since Fortress is the band's second record, but whatevs.

Download the new session here or the first one here.

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Stinkweeds lover
Stinkweeds lover

FACT CHECK...Daytrotter is not in Chicago, they are in Rock Island, IL. They are a lot closer to Iowa then they are Chicago. One would think that THE BEST music editor in AZ would know that.

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

Sorry, I had always seen it refereed to as being in the greater Chicago area, but I'll henceforth label it "Quad Cities" reflecting it's proximity to Iowa.

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