Limewire Shuts Down, Giving Less Options For Free Downloads

A U.S. District Court judge has ordered LimeWire to be shut down, according to Consequence of Sound.

Four years ago, 13 record companies sued Lime Wire LLC so that their company and their artists could properly be paid for their hard work.

The LimeWire program is the only part of the company that will be shut down. However, the company apparently has some ideas for a new music service up its sleeve. We'll see how well that goes.

LimeWire, it's been real. You'll be missed by broke tweens around the world. Till then, long live BitTorrent. And then there's always paying for music.. hahaha.

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Limewire Download
Limewire Download

Limewire is no doubt one of the great application to download. As I love to download more and more videos & music so this application will definitely going to help me a lot. As it is active peer to peer file sharing software & provides unlimited downloading which makes me a big fan of it.


R.I.P is right .

ugh. this sucks. i never really bothered to try to work the more complex version of Limewire, Frostwire... and therefore i shall very much miss this 2010 TECHNOLOGY (Michael Lopez)>_<

not only 13 year olds are using it--you make it sound like downloading music is unhealthy .

BitTorrent is NOTHING like Limewire...

Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez

Hahaha, indeed. Way to strike while the iron is hot, RIAA. LimeWire in 2010? LimeWire has been an outdated technology since 2002.

Where are 13 year olds going to download their Ke$ha and Gaga now? What's that? BitTorrent, which has been a far superior technology for about 6 years now, exists? Well I'll be...

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