Jimmy Eat World's Invented Hits Number 11 on Billboard Chart

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Internationally successful multi-platinum recording artists Local band Jimmy Eat World just missed a top ten hit on Billboard's album chart with their new record, Invented, which debuted at number 11 this week.

Jimmy Eat World has toured the world for nearly 20 years and is signed to DGC/Interscope lives in Mesa. The band will support the record with both European and North American tours by gigging around, with a low-key show planned for October 30 at Marquee Theatre in Tempe.

Invented has gotten some great reviews, too. Not from our Jay Bennett, who basically said that while he knows they're the nicest guys ever, he didn't like the album even a little. Spin, however, said, "These influential Arizonans have been churning out carefully calibrated emo-rock jams for so long that you kind of wish they'd lengthened the title of their....album by a few words: Jimmy Eat World Invented This Shit..." Area zines have been more impressed.

We congratulate this hugely successful international-acclaimed rock act bunch of local dudes on their accomplishment.

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Martin, you write like a fucking teenager who thinks he's too cool for everyone esle. If you ever want anybody to take you seriously; you need to cut this shit out.


is it too much to ask that articles be well written with information that could be somewhat valuable instead of self-serving moronic jokes that a 14 year old kid probably would call immature?"oh! look at me! i'm starting a meme! look at me!!! hello?!? anyone???!?? anybody?..."what a chump


You're so clever, Martin. I knew how this story was going to be written before I even opened it. I have to say I was expecting at least a dozen crossed out portions of sentences, so maybe you deserve a little credit. Eh, not really...

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