Indie Bowl Is This Weekend: Phoenix's Two Best Hipster DJs Spin Off While Scenesters Bowl

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Quick reminder: Indie Bowl, the annual charity bowling event featuring Phoenix scenesters rolling for the benefit of Local First Arizona, is this Sunday.

There's a veritable who's who among the teams at the Psyko Steve sponsored event: The Rogue Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, Lost Leaf, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Gospel Claws, Scorpion vs. Tarantula, Local First AZ, PBR, Good Fellas Merch, Hello Merch, etc, etc, etc... Hooves will not be there, sadly.

There's also an intriguing lineup of DJs.

J.P. Woodbury (DJ Babynose) who freelances for us and Tim Neilson (a.k.a. DJ Johnny Volume) are in the mix but the truly intriguing face-off is between Phoenix's two best hipster DJs, as named in our 2010 Best Of Phoenix issue.

Veteren Shane Kennedy ("Best Old Hipster DJ") will spin in the general vicinity of young up-and-comer Hartbrakes, Anthony Heart, ("Best Young Hipster DJ").

Bum bum bummmmmmm.

Shane, of course, is best known for his Thursday and Friday nights at Bikini Lounge and Sunday Nights at The Roosevelt. Anthony is part of the Downtime night every
Tuesday at Lost Leaf. Those venues are in close proximity, but nothing else about their style or song selection crosses over. These guys are night and day -- and hearing them spin in the same venue on the same night is a rare treat to be savored.

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Jeremi Stoker
Jeremi Stoker

had such a rad time at this last year that i left with my bowling shoes on. too much pbr!

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