Every Dying Day at Club Red for Live Loud N' Local Music Festival

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Every Dying Day

Club Red puts on a massive rock festival tonight and tomorrow, Saturday, October 9, but don't rely on the www.clubredrocks.com website to figure out which of the more than 50 bands to see.

The bands on the site do not necessarily correspond with the day they're playing, and rock band Every Dying Day, which was featured in this week's local music newsletter, is playing Saturday, October 9, not tonight. They also play Chasers Bar and Night Club on Saturday, and the band encourages people to see what they are all about.

"We are a nice change from the same three bands that have owned this city for way too long," says vocalist/guitarist Billy T. "I'll say it and back it up: We don't sound like other bands out there. And that's what's a good advantage for us is. Thus far we have a very diverse crowd, and that's how I like it."

The group is excited to debut their new drummer, Jose
Lopez, into the mix, and promise to bring a mix of energy, excitement and class to the stage.

"It's a party," Billy T. says. "Everyone's invited!"

Tickets for the all-ages show at Club Red, including performances by Ronin Meyer, The Hunger Artists and American Gods, are only $10. The action starts at 5 p.m. on Friday and 1 p.m.

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What 3 bands is he claiming "have owned the city for way too long?"

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