Calexico Gives National Geographic a Tour of Tucson

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How's this for a cool video to kick off a rainy Wednesday: Joey Burns of Tucson's critically-acclaimed experimentalist alt-country outfit Calexico gives National Geographic magazine a tour of his town.

He plays a song in Solar Culture, takes the crew by Cafe Poca Cosa and talks about the spirit of community and low overhead that makes the city such a hotbed for artistic creation. All in all, Burns does a pretty excellent job of explaining the town's appeal and also, inadvertently, demonstrating why it'd be pretty difficult to replicate that success in the Valley, despite our massive advantage in resources.

Still, let's say we got NG to send a crew out here to shoot one of these... who would you want doing the interview?

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Jason P. Woodbury
Jason P. Woodbury

Sean and Ben would rule giving a Phoenix tour.

This video is great, too. I really love Tucson, and I think this video is a beautiful little shot of a really great place.


Jordin Sparks?

One of the Kirkwood brothers? I think Kurt lives in Austins now.

Alice Cooper is cool, but he would probably just talk about the golf courses. :)

Sun City Girls? Buy their new album. GO NOW.

Think we could get Bret Michaels? He lives in Scottsdale.

Jim Adkins?

Seriously though: Sean & Ben from Andrew Jackson Jihad.

They're "your midwestern little sister who hates everybody loves them" kind of famous.


In Phoenix?

Kimber Lanning & Corey Busboom

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

I think it'd be best to have a musician or other artist who has more of a national reputation. Someone who people know outside Maricopa County...

One thing is for sure, though: After Mayor Gordon's disastrous appearance on the Matt's Big Breakfast episode of Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives I think he's out of the running.

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