Another Piece of Pop Culture Retired: Sony Walkman

"What's a cassette tape?" Parents, you'll never hear your children asking that ever again now that Sony has retired the Walkman, according to Paste.

It turns out that the last of the Walkmen left Sony in April. The 30-year-old portable cassette player couldn't outlast the competition of music players made by Apple.

Say goodbye to mixtapes (in actual tape form). Then again, maybe it's about time. Who uses those anymore anyway? All they do is take up space in a box you keep in your attic. In fact, I bet you even forgot all about that Walkman of yours since it's been in a box for so long. The iPod of the 80s now it has its place in music history.

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Joe Distort
Joe Distort

'Who uses those anymore anyway?'

bands making cheap things to sell at shows/on tour. some out of necessity (small runs/cheap per unit cost) and some just to be intentionally obsolete and nice (noise artists)

Joe Distort
Joe Distort

*niche that should read, not nice

also bands that still like old aesthethics, like hardcore, ounk and indie bands. one of the best records of 2010 was the VEINS tape. they are neat, but my tape player broke and i dont really care enough to buy a new one...

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