U2's Manager Fights Illegal Downloading


Paul McGuinness, U2's manager, is blaming Internet service providers for not working harder to put an end to illegal music downloading, NME reports.

However, McGuinness has faith in Spotify, a paid online music subscription service that actually distributes royalties properly.

While McGuinness's argument is completely legitimate, I feel like he's not taking into account that, Oh yeah, U2 is the richest band in the world, having earned over $130 million in the last year. Would a few extra paid downloads really make a difference in the band's bank account at the end of the day?

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They easiest way to put a complete, instant stop to illegal music downloading is to stop making it illegal.

We can start by stopping the pretense that someone making an exact digital replica of something constitutes stealing.

Joe Distort
Joe Distort

hilarious...i am as much of a crotchety old man as anyone when it comes to the new music paradigm, but anyone that is seriously trying to fight downloading-especially one of the most popular bands in the world-is just not getting it. Even more ridiculous is that U2 KNOWS how profitable their tours and merch are and still want to squeeze whatever they can out of it.

im sure its so they can give it to Africa though. definitely not to keep it. /sarcasm

Dave B
Dave B

Maybe if U2 would release better albums their sales wouldn't bl slagging. Plus does Bono really need more money? Give me a break!

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