Stone Temple Pilots and Arizona Fall Frenzy at Tempe Beach Park Last Night

Luke Holwerda
Scott Weiland performs last night with Stone Temple Pilots at Tempe Beach Park during the first night of Arizona Fall Frenzy. Click here for more pictures from the show.
Scott Weiland didn't take a header off the stage last night at Arizona Fall Frenzy. Nor did he accidentally reveal he was lip-synching or abusing heroin for that matter. In fact, other than a 45-minute delay due to "suspicious packages" found at Tempe Beach Park earlier in the evening, the Stone Temple Pilot's headlining set during the first night of AZFF was wholly without incident.

Sorry to disappoint.

That's not to say that Weiland didn't appear to pour his heart and soul into the show. Despite being tardy for almost an hour, the band didn't offer any excuses or pre-show patter. Instead, they simply dove right into performing. The thousands in attendance at Tempe Beach Park also seemed to enjoy the shit outta STP's set, particularly when they played all the big hits of 1992's Core and 1994's Purple. As for their later songs in their repertoire?

Eh, not so much.

Whenever Weiland and Company busted out with their standards ("Sex Type Thing," "Plush," "Interstate Love Song," et al.) the sweaty dudes and dudettes in the packed crowd went absolute batshit and sung along with every word. When it came time for "Hickory Dichotomy," however, (and "Huckleberry Crumble" or "Silvergun Superman" for that matter) you could practically hear a pin drop.

As a matter of fact, a couple in front of me promptly left right after STP finished their first three songs ("Crackerman," "Wicked Garden," and "Vasoline"). "We can go any time you want," the guy said. "I heard what I wanted to."

Feh. They probably shoulda just stayed at home and listened to their CDs. Speaking of which, Weiland's performance wasn't of the Memorex variety in the slightest. There were enough vocal vamps and variations that it seemed like he wasn't pulling a Milli Vanilli, at least not this time around.

He might've switched heroin for crystal meth as his drug of choice, however, as Weiland was running about the stage like a silly little freak, kicking at the air and building up a nice coating of sweat. The singer's ensemble of a black suit, white shirt, skinny tie, and porkpie hat (think Elvis Costello, except without all that bothersome song-writing talent) was disheveled within mere moments.

By the end he looked like, dare I say it, a someone who'd been on a three-day heroin bender. But at least it was a good performance, if you had STP's first two albums memorized.

Critic's Bias: I first heard "Plush" during my senior year in high school.

The Crowd: Tattooed bros with bandanas on their heads like Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies, heavy metal burnouts, and vapid tubetop-wearing chickadees.

Random Notebook Dump: The guy to the left of me has switch from throwing hook'em horns to doing barrel rolls with his arms.

Wicked Garden
Heaven and Hotrods
Between the Lines
Hickory Dichotomy
Big Empty
Silvergun Superman
Interstate Love Song
Huckleberry Crumble
Sex Type Thing

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Ok This reporter obviously copied the Set list from another show because if he was paying attention to the show he would have realized that Still Remains, Cinnamon , Dancing Days, and Pretty Penny were not played at all... due to the late start... I cannot believe they let this guy have a column!! Responsible Journalism it is called!!


that could very well have been my girl and i standing in front of you as we didn't stay for the whole thing either. after putting up with 2 shitty hours of shinedown and another hour of waiting for the band, we were burnt out. we'd gotten there early to see the cult then spent the next three hours waiting for stp. add to that a dinner of shitty pizza and bud light, it was time to head out once we'd heard our favorites. although i have to admit i would have thoroughly enjoyed that encore. we left after interstate love song so i guess we didn't miss as much as i'd guessed. the band sounded a bit off and scott's voice definitely isn't what it used to be. at times the backing vocals were louder than his. which should never happen. overall, i enjoyed what i saw of their set despite everything that led up to it.


just found out stp canned their show in lubbock tx. wed nite. can not believe this ive traveled to see these guys every chance ive got ,and now have a chance to see them in my back yard go down the drain really sucks i donnt know if i'll ever get over this!


lol think Elvis Costello, except without all that bothersome song-writing talent. Great line! I saw Weiland with Velvet Revolver in 2007 and he was freaking awful.

Joe Distort
Joe Distort

came across free tickets (like quite a few people...i think this show sold very poorly with the amount of comps out there) and headed down, but everythin was fucked because of thebackpack fiasco. sounds like i missed out. balls.

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