Scott Weiland Flips Out in Houston -- Went on a Bender After Fall Frenzy Show?

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Stone Temple Pilots have postponed their fall tour after singer Scott Weiland apparently went batshit crazy at a show in Texas over the weekend, according to Spinner. A dozen dates have been axed but the band is planning to reschedule them.

To all the people who criticized me for bagging on this junkie just last week it's time to remind you that I told you... something.

I forget what it was. What did I tell you again? It was something important...

Oh, right, "so."

I told you so.

Soooooooo, again, there ya have it, folks, Weiland is still  dangerously unstable -- shocker! -- and we're apparently lucky to have gotten such an amazing show at Tempe Beach Park.

Either that or Weiland was able to snooker New Times reviewer Benjamin Leatherman, who personally assured me that it was a great show and that Weiland seemed really on top of things. Leatherman's review -- where he says Weiland "pour[ed] his heart and soul" into the performance -- is here.

A few days later, 12 tour dates have been scrapped cuz he went nutso.

Craig Hlavaty, the clubs editor at our sister paper in Houston, noticed something amiss at the STP show there Sunday and documents a mini-meltdown, with the band taking stage way late and Weiland seeming a little off, an incident which preceded the band's little hiatus.

Here's video of Weiland's rant.

Also, we wish him a speedy recovery and all the best going forward with his career.

STP's die-hard fans, though, have got to stop making excuses for him and attacking his detractors. This man needs help, not your undying love and support.

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Oh no! don't throw the bomb to us! Typical of this kind of blogs, twistting stuff.

STP's die-hard fans know Scott's struggles (unlike you) and we're who REALLY want him to do well. No one was making excuses for him, or "attacking his detractors". We just saw what everybody with some grey matter would see (unlike some of your readers), disrespect. We attacked disrecpectful behavior towards a human being. You're not a detractor. You just run a fun-witty-wannabe column (failing, of course) You would not have us here if you were actually a detractor of his music, we can understand some people may not like it...But you messed with his life personal issues, drugs aside (which you should not is not something to make fun of, plus he's not the only one with that kind of history), the death of his brother! Please, tell me you do realize that was low...

You keep calling him "junkie" and, at the same time, wishing him a "speedy recovery" (yeah! you do know how to use sarcasm)

I really hope you realize of this because you're making a joke of yourself.


Weiland's been a trainwreck for years, I don't know that this qualifies as a "I told you so". That's like blogging "it's gonna get dark soon" at 5pm & following it up with a "I told you so" blog at 8.

What readers have to understand is that Cizmar's VVM bosses look more at views, retweets, etc., than actual journalistic content.

In this regard, Cizmar is smart as hell by stirring up these empty controversies. It's a little thing called "job security" and he does that very well.

Don't like it? Stop reading, reacting, & sharing it.


He doesn't need love & support?? So, you're saying addicts should be shunned & left to kill themselves or something??

You're an asshat. Clear and simple. How would you like to live your life under a microscope like Scott?

OH THAT'S RIGHT, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU. I only know ABOUT THIS from a forum. Never heard your fucking name before, can't even remember it from the top of the page.

This dicklicker has nothing better to do then judge someone who is a addict. A person who feels so shitty about themselves that they hope that being cruel & a total dick will make them feel better.

Obviously this douche isn't an addict, lost someone to addiction, nor has known one personally to see the daily struggle an addicct suffers through. You're probably soooooooo fucking perfect aren't you? Tucked away safe behind a keyboard like a scared child.

Scott is human & I believe he's a strong person who never gives up on himself. I admire his strength in a world where any asshole can write on the internet such rude things about him.

I am a proud SW fan always have been, always will be. He's a very sweet, gentle & caring soul. All you haters, especially this ass clown can go suck a dick (it will make you unable to talk shit)!


Martin Cizmar looks like a fat cock sucker once again! Did you get your journalism degree (you do have one, right?) at DeVry or something? Do you even know how to research the topics you're writing about? You're almost a week late, and about 12 relevant facts short of actually writing a decent article. Try again next week, I'm sure Scott and the rest of his band are enjoying all this press you're giving them.


"Also, we wish him a speedy recovery and all the best going forward with his career."Nice. At least you learned something.

"STP's die-hard fans, though, have got to stop making excuses for him and attacking his detractors. This man needs help, not your undying love and support."First of all, don't make the excuse for yourself thinking "Oh, that's just some die-hard fans attacking me"

"This man needs help, not your undying love and support."Haha. You almost wished him death in your previous report and now all of the sudden you are pretending to be wise?


additionally, it's Stone Temple Pilots. Who cares.


Jesus, if there's ANYONE more of a douchebag than Martin Cizmar, anyone MORE thought of as a complete joke by hois peers, it's Wayne Michael Reich...seriously. People LAUGH at you, dude.

Wayne Michael Reich
Wayne Michael Reich

Jay has hit it on the head perfectly- Marty can dish it out, but he really can't take it. For proof, just take some time skipping through the web and read his "retorts" to anyone who dares imply what is so patently true- he's a thin skinned candy ass douche-bag. And he simply must have the last word, no matter how whiny it may be.

I recently had the pleasure of bitch smacking Marty (in literary form) at the link below:


load ALL the comments, than sit back and enjoy. I know I did.

Spoiler Alert: Marty doesn't like it when playtime gets rough, takes his ball, and goes home.


I don't know that anyone's disagreeing with your assessment of Weiland's junkie instability, Martin. It's just that you're such a douchebag about it. Example: Frankie Muniz's piece is dumb, way past her prime, and batshit crazy. Somehow you still came out of that situation looking like an obsessive douchebag. Think it through.

Wayne Michael Reich
Wayne Michael Reich

Hi "Ricky"- thanks for jumping in. It's a shame that despite your strong opinion, you're too chicken to give your actual name.

You don't know me [or my work] and have never met me, therefore, I name thee "troll".

But just in case I'm wrong and to be completely fair, let us debate the salient points of your rant.

1) I'm actually more of a curmudgeon, thank you very much. Marty on the other hand is actually hated way more than yours truly, despite my best efforts. There aren't any web sites dedicated to tearing me apart, unlike Marty. I promise to do my best to change that.

2) It's been my experience that if someone has any problems with me, they're usually not someone I would consider a "peer". My career has never been based on what my fellow artists think about me personally, nor will it ever be. I'm good at what I do, and that's what counts, Ricky.

2a) By the way- "hois" is not how you spell "his" But you did get my name right, so thanks for all that. Spell check is your friend, Ricky- don't be afraid to ask for help next time.

3) They laugh at me? Ouch.

That's just a mean thing to say. Good thing that I don't give a darn. Love me or hate me, at least they're talking about me.

Which is way more than I can say about you.

Respectfully,Wayne Michael


Asshat. You can't even spell. Lazy bastard, use spell check. Your first sentance "there's"??

You're just pissed because I'm sure you'd love to suck Scott's dick, but he's not fucked up enough to let you.

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