Noted Junkie and Singer Scott Weiland to Pimp His Fashion Line at Fashion Square Friday

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A piece from Weiland's fashion collection.

Scott Weiland, the noted drug abuser who also sings songs for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, will be making an appearance to promote the rough synthesis of an opioid (Morphine acetate muriate) resulting in a mixture of tightly related precursors and metabolites to that single structure whose content very in degrees (predominantly 6MAM) his clothing line, The Scott Weiland Collection by English Laundry at the Dillard's Scottsdale Fashion Square this Friday.

All this excitement before he heads down to Temp Beach Park to lip-sync sing his band's biggest hits while (fingers crossed!) not falling off the stage.

Weiland will do an autograph session before the store does a fashion show show featuring his new collection.

The autograph session if from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. with the fashion show starting immediately after.

And if you don't yet have your tickets for Arizona Fall Frenzy on Friday you can buy them here.

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Either present opinions or present news. You seem to be lost in the world of poor-journalism. Or perhaps you are a former shock-jock radio DJ, since your tactics are identical. Either way, you're clearly a miserable person devoid of love and compassion.Very classy of you to refer to a human being as a "noted-junky". Not everyone can grow up in a perfect little suburbia bubble like you apparently did. Drug and alcohol abuse affects a lot of people (not just rock stars) and is a recognized medical condition. Are you going to be mocking shell-shocked veterans tomorrow? Grow up! Yes, Weilands struggles are well documented, mostly by journalists that were in the working world while you were still in junior high. Weiland's struggles arent something to mock or poke fun at (especially considering he is now a father of two and off the illicits). All that does is discredit you and show what poor taste you, and by extension, this media outlet have when it comes to treating your fellow human beings like human beings.


How rock n roll: $60 skull ties.


Cizmar, act professionally or try another line of work. What a douche!!


does this site just bag on everything? Are you reporters or do you just write opinion pieces?

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