John Mayer Leaves Twitter For Good

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John Mayer is the type of guy who has better things to do than tweet, so maybe it's no surprise that social media has gotten him into some trouble in the past.

Despite his busy schedule, I've always imagined Mayer to be this solo artist who has all day to think about whatever kind of nonsensical rant he wants say on stage later that night.

When he came to Phoenix in August, he said that even though lots of people who visit Arizona complain about the heat, he would never "say anything bad about your house. I like the wallpaper. Besides, the heat makes everything expand."

What a prince. The Twittersphere is going to miss him.

John has been known to his 3.7 million Twitter followers as a bit of a comedian, making political statements, odd observations or funny remarks. Last Saturday he tweeted, "Why is the A/C in uncomfortably hot locales always so uncomfortably cold?" Oh John, you think you're so clever.

Popeater thinks it's a good thing that John Mayer is finally laying his @johncmayer Twitter account to rest, and I agree. It appears as though Mayer might be growing up a little by doing away with Twitter since he has always been hungry for attention. Now he can focus on making a better than album than Battle Studies.

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there was a rumor for months that Johns been having a relationship with a woman sheri some mags finally found her on twitter user name poemtrees to confront her and she insists it's true and that he is still on twitter under another acct where they talk n that its connected to him leaving twitter as well to protect her from a stalker on there sweetlilmsmia owner of and who was in love with him. surprised not more media followed up than just one mag mgmt was contacted many times


Excited for his next album!I can't understand though how him leaving twitter is such high profile news?? Big Deal, he's taking a break not falling off the end of the world.


I love him, he rocks!I'll miss him on twitter, he made me laugh.

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