Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names Breaks It All Down For Us Simple Folk

​You can try and deny it all you want, but we all know we've done it at some point.

I'm talking about creating a rap name for our fictional careers as rappers. Some people let this evolve into something far too dorky/nerdy for society's tastes, while others let it die with the hordes of other goofy shit they conjured up in junior high. 
In trying to determine our silly little rap names, we willfully neglected the fact that there is, indeed, an art and a science to the act -- so much so that the duo behind Pop Chart Lab created a vivid, colorful Taxonomy of Rap Names for our viewing pleasure. 
One part subway map, one part flowchart (pun intended?), the taxonomy breaks it all down by connecting artist names via different categories such as "alphanumeric," "crime," "wordplay" and "audacious misspelling." For example, The Fat Boys are both "fat" and "boys," while Ice-T is "gustatory" and involves "letters."

It's remarkable the amount of names on the chart, not to mention the fact that they can all coalesce into a somewhat organized semblance, given the randomness and vast array of hip hop/rap names out there right now. For what it's worth, I think the DJ for Aziz Ansari's fictional Raaaaaaaandy comic -- DJ Ol' Youngin'.

The chart is available for purchase via Pop Chart Lab for $20. Check out the entire Taxonomy of Rap Names at World Famous Design Junkies.

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