Flier of the Week: Janis Joplin Crap N Vomit at The Trunk Space

Dana Stern
Janis Joplin Crap N Vomit

Don't look at this flier as if the ladies are trying to scream over the bands set to play. Instead, picture them at the show, rocking out to a bevy of fun-filled indie bands at The Trunk Space.

Or, they might be loudly singing "Happy Birthday" to Dana Stern, singer/guitarist for headliners Janis Joplin Crap N Vomit. Stern also happened to design the flier, which she says was inspired by the image she found itself.

"I think it actually looks loud and has sort of a B-movie feel to it, which is kind of what I think the show itself will/should be like," Stern says.

Stern also points out the line-up is a diverse mix that should make for a unique show worth yelling your admiration about.

"People can expect to hear great, loud music that doesn't fit neatly into a genre or scene, which is a pretty exciting thing nowadays," Stern says. "If everything comes together the way I'm hoping it will, it should be a fun, kaleidoscope/carnival-esque mix of these bands and some visually interesting elements...and then some."

The all-ages show, on Saturday, September 18, starts at 8 p.m., and tickets are $5. See www.thetrunkspace.com for more details.

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no more crap.no more vomit. just jjcnv....

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