Discographies on Twitter Summarizes a Band's Career in 140 Glorious Characters

Couldn't have said it better myself
​Last week, I brought you the brilliant Tumblr Album Tacos, and lives were forever changed. Yeah, I said it -- someone photoshopping tacos onto various album covers is a life-changing event.

Well this week bears the fragrant fruit of Twitter Discographies --  a concise, encompassing breakdown of a certain band's complete discography. This is done, of course, within the constraints of Twitter's standard 140 character limit, quite a feat considering some of the featured artists (Elvis Costello, David Bowie, Metallica) have rather extensive discographies. Some are better than others, but the entire idea itself is magnificent, nonetheless.
What seems like a rather simple concept is beautifully accomplished by the heretofore anonymous music critic behind the mini-discogs. Take, for example, The Replacements: 
What better way to say a band's final few albums were subpar, given their struggle with finding mainstream success, than "...and loses?" 

Whereas the Muse example is kind of lazy and generally so-so, the Weezer one actually made me laugh out loud:
How could you possibly sum up Weezer's entire career better than that in a shorter amount of time? You simply cannot -- hence the brilliance that is Twitter Discographies.

Twitter Discographies [twitter.com/Discographies]

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