Arizona Fall Frenzy Brings Out the Masses Despite Heat and Bomb Scares

Here's Rivers (from Weezer) going through crowd at one point.
This weekend, Valley concert lovers ignored record high temperatures (and bomb scares due to suspicious packages) and partied it up at the Fall Frenzy at Tempe Beach Park, taking in big names such as Devo, Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots and Disturbed. People Tweeted their thoughts on the shows throughout the weekend, with Weezer even blogging about the show on their MySpace. Read on to see what was most buzzed about at one of the biggest Valley festivals of the year. (And read our review of Weezer here.)

@Weezer- 2010/09/18 Tempe AZ: Tempe Beach Park: X103.9 Fall Frenzy: ....Folks, we're about to take a fast... from =w= Myspace.

@LoveForeverLexi- @Weezer your performance at Fall Frenzy was amazing.! You sure are brave running around(: I love you guys♥

Stone Temple Pilots!! AZ Fall Frenzy... Worth the wait!

@jaylicious723- fall frenzy= AMAZING! i touched rivers hand from weezer!

@mrjsh- this weekend has been very interesting! Fall frenzy rocked. i gotta say, STP is a clear cut winner for the best set played.

@lalunatikat- Exhausted. Throat hurts. Feet hurt. Raspy voice. Probz broke. Fall Frenzy was SO worth it! :D

@phxrail- Weezer rocked at Fall Frenzy last night.

@monstrrr- Fall Frenzy was the best!!! Sublime with Rome just.... blew my mind!!!

@fenderstratboy2- Survived the Arizona Fall Frenzy. sublime w/ Rome rocked and weezer tore it up.

@eerbree- Fall Frenzy fucking rocked! I've never smoked so much haha thank you sublime! gnite imma bout to pass the f out

@TheDeadAirDave- DEVO fantastic! Primus rockin' now at Fall Frenzy on Tempe!

@bonzmd- Fall Frenzy is hot but fun!

@kellyrenee123- At Fall Frenzy! So. Hot. The Dirty Heads were awesome though! Worth it.

@ocdrumdevil- The Cult is killing it @ Arizona Fall Frenzy!!!!

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With all the people I saw at the Fall Frenzy concert on Friday night getting into the music and rocking,dancing & partying in the crowds - I thought the Cult put on a great show considering.I am suprised at all the blogs and other statements online these past 2 days about the band-being old and out of touch,e.t.c.-For the record-For an "Old"band they sounded every bit as relevant as any of the other "New" bands or newer bands on the bill.I hope to sound and play that good when I am their age later in life.Great Show!

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