Album Stream: Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz

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That funny sound you may have heard this past Saturday afternoon was the massive sigh of relief from Sufjan Stevens fans.

Their collective five year waiting period was over -- Stevens' lastest album The Age of Adz had hit the internet. His first album since 2005's brilliant Illinois, The Age of Adz finds its inspiration from the art of outsider artist Royal Robertson. The album, upon first listen, crafts a grandiose musical landscape, something we've all come to expect from Stevens -- especially considering that his inspiration comes from a very troubled and affected artist.

Perhaps noticing that the album hit the internet or perhaps having already planning to do so, NPR has given Adz their First Listen treatment, offering to stream the album in its entirety -- I personally suggest giving the 8-minute "Age of Adz" a listen first.

Those fans of Stevens who pre-ordered the album through Asthmatic Kitty are due an MP3 download tomorrow. For the rest of us, The Age of Adz will be released October 12. As well, Sufjan Stevens is set to play Mesa Arts Center Friday, October 22.

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Stephen Chilton
Stephen Chilton

his show is at Mesa Arts Center not Mesa Amphitheater.

Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez

Right you are! I whiffed on that one, thanks Stephen.

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