What's Selling: Zia Record Exchange Tempe

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Music lovers at Zia Record Exchange in Tempe are craving rougher, louder sounds at the moment. Topping the chart this week is The Sword. Also in demand were Best Coast's lo-fi chillwave and the beloved raps of everyone's favorite white boy, Eminem, as well as the talented Akron blues boys, The Black Keys.

1. The Sword, Warp Riders

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2. The Devil Wears Prada, Zombie EP
3. Mogwai, Special Moves
4. Best Coast, Crazy For You
5. Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
6. Apocolyptica, 7th Symphony
7. Eminem, Recovery
8. Katy Perry, Teenage Dream
9. Eels, Tomorrow Morning
10. The Black Keys, Brothers

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