Menomena Bring "Killemall" to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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Dana Edelson
​There's no mistaking how venerable a band Menomena have become. They came from a rather fruitful Portland music scene -- one, among others, that helped define just what a flannel-clad, ironically-mustachioed hipster should listen to. However, their brand of indie rock had loads of promise and originality, shying away from the usual, painfully boring norms that came to define the genre (whiny vocals, overwrought/stereotypical wardrobes).

Three albums and seven years later, Menomena have released their finest work yet, the multifaceted Mines. On it, the band displays their dutiful range, no song better displaying the band's unique sound and broad, radio-friendly appeal better than "Killemall." Last night the quartet provided their take on the song for their television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

If the embedded video is acting up, go ahead and check out Menomena's performance on Late Night's website.

My heart swells with pride to see that Blazers shirt -- make no mistake, I grew up in Portland and am a huge Blazers fan. My Northwest bias doesn't, however, get in the way of recognizing just how good and album Mines really is.

Like what you see? Well Menomena's tour winds through Tempe's Clubhouse on Saturday, September 18. Mines is out now via Barsuk.

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