Justin Bieber and Marky Mark Wahlberg to Rap Together?

Marky Mark.jpg
Marky Mark Wahlberg -- from his Funky Bunch days.
Is it possible that the rapping career of New Kids on the Block member/Funky Bunch leader-turned-actor Marky Mark Wahlberg could be resurrected? Perhaps. But only at the invitation of Justin Bieber.

In a recent Q & A with Time magazine Wahlberg was asked, "Would you be willing to drop a hot eight bars on a rap song if asked by the right artist?"

He candidly replied, "No. Not a chance. Actually, I'll take that back. If Justin Bieber asked me, I'd do that for my daughter. She loves me to death, but she doesn't think I'm very cool, so that might turn it around."

Does this make him a good father, or just mean that he has absolutely no shame?

You decide.

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Um, to everyone commenting meanly about Justin Bieber...hes 17. You're a grown up. Stop being a**holes because hes famous and your not.

Also, even if you dislike him, you cant deny hes got talent, why else is he famous? He was discovered off YouTube for Christ's sake


why would someone as AWESOME as mark wahlberg want to risk his fans (like me) by rapping with justin "peice o shit" beaver


Technically he wasn't in NKOTB he was in Nynuk, which later became NKOTB after Mark left and the remaining members (including Joe) were sign to Columbia and they insisted the group name be changed.


Nobody gives a flying fukc about Bieber. Can't he just evaporate? Makes me sick to even hear his name and even sicker to hear his lame, stupid and boring music

Super Filmizle
Super Filmizle

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can relate to but the great thing with therapists is that they can be completely impartial. hd film izle E and J would be

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Justin Nieber
Justin Nieber

mark was a NKOTB member, but he never recorded any songs with them. he was in it for a month and left and was replaced by Joe McIntyre.


***and he was on NKOTB for a short time so learn ur shi*

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