Joanna Newsom Plots American Tour, Includes Date at the Orpheum

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It's not often a world-class musician is kicking off their American tour in Arizona, so try to understand that the recent announcement that Joanna Newsom has a fall tour planned and is starting out in Arizona is a big, big deal.

Newsom will play Tucson's Rialto Theatre November 6 before coming to the Orpheum Theatre -- yes, the fucking Orpheum -- November 7. The tour comes as a precursor to Newsom's already announced November 23 performance at Carnegie Hall.

So for those keeping track, Phoenix's Orpheum Theatre is on the same list of venues for Newsom's tour as New Orleans' Tipitina's, Athens' 40 Watt Club and Carnegie Hall. That's some damn good company.

Her newest album, Have One On Me, might be lost on some out there but has garnered some serious critical praise from mostly everyone else. It's no secret that Newsom is a talent on the harp, and those fans of her latest album will no doubt be treated to an amazing show in an amazing venue.

Kudos to Newsom for being bold in the face of The Sound Strike and booking a date in Phoenix. Perhaps she personally suggested the Orpheum, perhaps it was just an inevitably perfect fit for her stage show. Either way, November 7 will be an extraordinary evening.

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Wow, can't wait for her "stag show!" Also, I've never heard of the 400 Watt Club in Athens, but it has to be at least ten times better than the 40 Watt, right?

Doesn't this rag employ editors?

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