Flier of the Week: White Fang at The Trunk Space

Even though Miguel Valencia calls himself a "noob" when it comes to poster making and promoting, this flier totally manages to catch people's attention. It doesn't even look like it's advertising a concert. Rather, the ecstatic-looking people on the poster look like they're advertising the fiesta of the century--or just took a bunch of drugs.

"I wanted to post an image that would express the band's feeling of persistent movement and group energy," Valencia says. "White Fang has always been a favorite of mine for their energetic thrash punk sound. Their constant bash of energy, almost like Andrew W.K., makes you feel like you're in a constant adrenaline-fueled party."

White Fang hails from Portland, Ore. and is joined by the awesomely named all-girl punk band Sexhair, also from Portland. Their garage punk sounds are complemented by locals Skirt the Rut and Bolt.

"Overall, it's a night filled with loads of energy to feed off of and a great chance to boogie to some great thrash in Phoenix," Valencia says.

If you go, here's hoping you end up as happy as those guys on the flier. Doors for the all-ages show at The Trunk Space, tonight, open at 7 p.m. Cost is $5 before 7:30 p.m. and $6 after 7:30 p.m. See www.thetrunkspace.com for more information.

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meh... that is a BAD poster but an excellent picture. That picture actually came from a portland issue of xlr8tr magazine and i'm sure its copywrited.


this is gonna be a sweet show though.


"Copywrited" should be "copyrighted"

Just wanted to get that out for the spelling people out there. "Right" instead of "write" because the word is used in a legal sense here.

I think the flier is actually pretty good. It's not too busy and lets the picture do the talking. I agree this show is going to be quite rad...

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