'American Idol' Performers Hang Out with Fans at US Airways Center

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Luke Holwerda
Proving that being on one of the most popular television shows in America hasn't gone to their heads, the contestants from American Idol were very anti-diva-like at their show at US Airways Center last night. Fans got to mingle with the performers at meet-and-greets after the show, which had to have made lots of audience members happy, especially the teen girls who practically fainted when Tim Urban came on-stage.

With no opening acts, the show clocked in at a whopping 3 hours long, giving fans of the show all they wanted and then some. Here's what was buzzing on the interwebs when the concert was over. (And read our review here.)

@aubley- @TimUrbanMusic tim!!! You and everyone else at the american idol tour concert in phoenix did wonderful and I loved seeing all of you there!!

@TheChadsKLA- Just left the US Airways Center...the American Idol concert was amazing!

@JamieLeiJonas- The American Idol concert was UNBELIEVEABLE!!! i love Lee Aaron and Katie. And everyone else.

@LaceLeigh- Falling asleep at the american idol concert....#mostboringconcertever

@DirtyDst- AMERICAN IDOL Was amazing! whoopy!

@sfregoso45- Had way too much fun @ the American Idol Tour 2010!!!! Everyone was so nice, I'm glad I got pics with some of my fave's! :-)

@MIKE20NP- Wow the american idol concert was 3 hours long

@BRYSONSGURL27- Just qot back from the american idol concert..AMAZINGG!!Took a picture wiff AARON,TIM,...:

@bball4lyfe22- American Idol was great!! Thanks for a great show in PHX!!

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