Arizona Gurls: Check Out This AZ Style Katy Perry Parody

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Katy Perry's "California Gurls" was unquestionably the "song of the summer" (ugh) so, really, your state is probably pretty shitty if you can't scare up at least one parody YouTube video.

This one is pretty great. Not, like, "LeBron James Is A Bitch," great but definitely dead-on with the jokes after a slow start. Decent production values besides the weird whateverthefuckthatis shot when the Maryvale girl shoots someone or something.

It's only at 12,000 views right now but it seems capable of going viral.

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Benjo Widwitz
Benjo Widwitz

Some of the people involved in this making this video are going to be involved in the First Friday Night Live thing at the Firehouse, starting in September, at 11 PM. Also, I love that "cholo" and "chola" are both included as tags for this on YouTube.

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