The Maine's John O'Callaghan's 25 Craziest Tweets of 2010

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A lot of people started complaining when "the new Twitter" was unveiled. Now when you log on to the popular social networking website, you're subject to a stream of random "popular" Tweets that often contain shout-outs to Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato or cliched inspirational quotes that no one really wants to read.

One local man often infiltrates his way into the pack of most-read 140-character-or-less messages that all of Twitter gets to see: The Maine's John O'Callaghan. The handsome singer of the pop/rock group has managed to amass more than 65,000 followers, yet follows no one himself. His background is a boring generic picture of a pointing finger, and his profile picture is a simple black-and-white, one-eye-open, off-center head shot. So just how does this guy get RT'd so often and make it in-between Jonas Brothers and Conan O'Brien Tweets?

Maybe it's because his messages are often as bat sh*t crazy as Courtney Love's little ditties. O'Callaghan spouts off on everything from his current emotional state, to what he's eating, to song lyrics. And when you've got an army of teenage girls with their fingers glued to your every thought, chances are, you're going to spread like wildfire.

Now, we present, O'Callaghan's top 25 craziest Tweets of the past year. Maybe you can ask him what they all mean when The Maine plays The Nile Theater tonight.

25. I'm a coyote, you're a coyote, we're all coyotes.

24. i recall, lightning struck itself.

23. Maguire. Not Mark, Jerry.

22. No ceilings.

21. Those that ride the whales.

20. people told me slow my role, i'm screamin' out "fuck that."

19. Good morning Satan.

18. i'm running much smoother now i bought new bones and bigger feet.

17. A zombie ate my brain, but I'm still smarter than you.

16. Orange juice ruled one time.

15. Tell em that the house is not for sale.

14. who's gonna die with me?

13. nine more gallons and I'll have me a hat.

12. Any major dude will tell you.

11. Pony Boy needs grooming daily.

10. It took me three days in a rocketship.

9. We're gonna fuckin kill em smile.

8. follow me to mordor. @frodo and @gandalf are already carpooling with me. ask your parents for a ride.

7. The living room is on fire!

6. Godzilla is scaring the squid.

5. The wind blows.

4. If a cactus were a man, that's what his pee would taste like.

3. Hunting for nudes in a pile of trash.

2. Why don't you put all those scorpions in a jar and shove it up my ass.

1. I never shoulda started feeding the goddamn elves.

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uhh yeah jsyk1. I never shoulda started feeding the goddamn elves.

thats a quote from the movie role models

Momo O'Callaghan
Momo O'Callaghan

@Dominique - I love this one: "21. Fuckin time. Not like sexual time, but like it’s fuckin TIME!"

MarieClaire Duquette
MarieClaire Duquette

I love how his tweets are so different from everyone else's.. John kicks ass. end of story. :)


LOL He's so funny. My favorite -> A zombie ate my brain, but I'm still smarter than you.


I don't get why this dude tweets Kid Cudi lyrics and they're considered crazy tweets... ?


The REAL Top 30 John Ohhh Craziest Tweets

1. I dgaf so hard right now2. ESTA NOCHE QUE PARTE DE NUESTRO EL CULO.3. @EVERYONE; BLOW ME4. 24 horas en Negro y Blanco. Nuevo albüm on iTunes hoy. ¡AY DIOS MIO!5. Wet as fuhhhh6. New Years W1LLBNUT57. Why don’t you put all those scorpions in a jar and shove it up my ass.8. Touch my touch when you can.9. I’m so horny, that’s okay my will is good.10. shimmy shimmy ya. ooo baby I like it raw.11. You can eat your hashbrowns with a dildo. -Jared J. M.12. In the time of chimpanzees I was monkey.13. What’s Mai is Mai.14. BOOYAHHHHHHH15. my mojo so dope16. It’s my party and I’ll look fly if I want to.17. i’ve been born again, and i’ve been wonderin’, if your eyes would taste good in my mouth with sauerkraut18. my leather so soft, i’m a skinny mothafucka but i’ll still be a boss19. I am Jesus.20. What are you wearing right now @EVERYONE? that’s hot.21. Fuckin time. Not like sexual time, but like it’s fuckin TIME!22. i’m dumb, she’s a lesbian23. Señor el fuckin camino.24. Red Bull Kingz dis weekend. Pourin it out for the absent souljahz fuh real.25. Good morning sun, I am a bird wearing a brown polyester shirt.26. Twitter me Elmo27. Party like you’re 12.28. We’re so much like the sex in the city girls29. @MOM What time should I be home for dinner?30. This will be the longest “tweet” i’ve ever had to date. remember this moment for the rest of your twitter careers. i hope you’re proud of me

tumblr knows what's good


#20 is a kid cudi lyric, btw. and wowwww i love john ohh, he's so f-ckin random and hilarious.


ahah no ceilings, is lil waynes mix tape a lot of people say it when they are high, or smoking.

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