Lady Gaga After-Parties, Turntables & Tamales, Beach Fossils, and Wet and Wild Foam Fun

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The artist formerly known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.
Maybe it's the weather (or something in the water), but it seems like the most of the dang Valley has gone goo-goo for Lady Gaga.

By our count, there are three different after-parties following tomorrow night's sold out concert at US Airways Center, and the organizers behind each event are making varying claims that the whacked-out pop princess might just be stopping by their particular fete.

A couple of 'em have also booked appearances and performances from some of Gaga's entourage, ranging from Lady Starlight's DJ gig up in Scottsdale with the members of Semi Precious Weapons to Phase 54's Poker Face Party featuring her onetime official touring DJ Brendan Sullivan (a.k.a. DJ VH1).

The later after-party is the one we're choosing to pimp in this particular blog, mostly because you can get into the building for under $10. But if you'd rather avoid the Gaga a go-go this weekend, we've got plenty of other possibilities for yo' ass, which follow after the jump.

Turntables & Tamales at The Quincy (Friday)
As its name implies, this after-hours event will provide its attendees with both music mixes and masa-encased Mexican delectables. The particular turntablists on tap include Smite, One Peso, and J-Cut. If it proves to a success, expect the inevitable sequel "Burritos & Beats" sometime in the future (at least, that's what we would call it). 2 a.m., $5. (1321 E. McDowell Rd., 480-559-9283)

Bordertown Devils at Rogue West (Friday)
"These guys clearly occupy that strange spot on the music spectrum where punk and rockabilly meet up in a dark alley to duke it out in a flurry of denim and pomade. If you're the type who drives around in a primered '50s hot rod with a haircut that resembles the first character in an HTML tag (<), chances are you'll feel right at home at the Rogue West this Friday night..." (click here to read more) 9:30 p.m., $4. (3593 W. Northern Ave.) -- Mike R. Meyer

CSI: Scottsdale at Axis/Radius (Friday)
For the longest time, we've been hoping the producers behind TV's CSI franchise are eventually gonna create a spin-off of the long-running TV series that takes place in the Valley, where the seedier side of the PHX would get fictionally depicted in spectacular fashion (à la Las Vegas, Miami, and NYC). Until Hollywood sees things our way, we'll hafta be satisfied with events like CSI: Scottsdale, a murder-and-mayhem-style dance party on Saturday at Axis-Radius. The event promises performances by SoCal spin doctor DJ Homicide (natch) of Sugar Ray fame, as well as Axis resident J. Alan. Don't forget your safety goggles and ultraviolet flashlights, since there's probably gonna be some body fluids getting exchanged. 10 p.m., $4. (7340 E. Indian Plaza, Scottsdale, 480-970-1112)

Violet Wild at Teakwoods (Friday)
It's summer in Phoenix, and you're bound to see shirtless dudes everywhere you turn. You can tell the Violet Wild really gets into it. These often bare-chested rockers have been around for four years, teaming up after the demise of Black Moods and Mink Rebellion. They've got a catchy, radio-friendly sound that still manages to have grit through the stories in their lyrics..." (click here for more info) 9 p.m., free. (2808 E. Indian School Rd., 602-840-0991) -- Nicki Escudero

The Poker Face Party at Phase 54 (Saturday)
Although the cover charge for this particular is listed as $10, attendees can get discounted entry by bringing along their ticket stub or by texting 480-352-0903. Once inside the club, you'll be treated to beats from DJJ VH1, drink specials, and plenty of hyped-up party people hoping that Lady Gaga will pay a visit to the proceedings. 8 p.m. (1020 N. 54th St., Chandler, 480-540-5992)

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