Kesha Starts a Marquee Theatre Dance Party...Holla!

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Jody Bivens

Kesha has spawned a new trend--or, perhaps, a resurgence of an old one: glitter. Everyone and their mom at the Kesha show last night at Marquee Theatre was donning the sparkly stuff, which twinkled oh-so-prettily in the glowing lights from the stage.

She also busted out some wicked cool dance moves, which got the crowd jamming along to her party tracks. And who cares if she and her band put on furry animals hats mid-way through the show? When Kesha does it, it all somehow seems cool.

Read on for what fans Tweeted and Facebook updated about the young singer's concert after the show.

@heatherwhitegrl- I'd have such nice abs and legs if i just danced at kesha concerts more often

@EvanElaine- Wtf Marquee Theatre took my cupcake pen, even after I explained to the girl how much it meant and it actually smells like cupcakes. Bitch.

@JoshCosby21- #Ke$ha is about to take the stage here in Tempe!! The excitement is building

Teela Nelson- AMAZING show tonight in phoenix! You are so rock star! And I'm totally jealous you get to hang with beardo! He's sexy!

@ItsJJObvi- @keshasuxx thanks for getting glitter in my buttcrack.

@chapmanesque- @keshasuxx ejaculated glitter on to us all... she ejaculates glitter folks! but i piss greatness!

@AliciaFina- @keshasuxx killed Barney tonight and threw his a$$ in the crowd. True story.

@phoenixrichard- Could not tell if @keshasuxx lip synch or if it was live

@chelshuddleston- @keshasuxx was absofuckingloutely AMAZIIIING! she is sweet perfection!!! ♥♥♥ her!

@mattminkalis29- @keshasuxx the concert was wild.however they wouldnt give me her pinata head!

@JulietASU- @keshasuxx concert was insanely awesome!!! Glitter all over:)

@scotmichaelgaga- @keshasuxx ur show was fabulous!!! Ur set list was a little short but it was so much fun!!!

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