Jimmy Eat World Announce New Album, Invented, Will Be Out September 28

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Internationally successful multi-platinum recording artists Local band Jimmy Eat World's next album, Invented, is set for release on September 28.

The announcement came this morning via the totally-annoying-but-sadly-not-yet-obsolete-technology Twitter:

"@jimmyeatworld Our new album "Invented" will be out September 28, 2010 #passiton #fb"

What exactly the #passiton and #fb tags are for is anyone's guess.

Just kidding -- everyone loves the #fb tag. Especially people like this.

What the record will sound like is still anyone's guess, but producer Mark Trombino was at the helm, having previously done the band's most enduring works, 2001's Bleed American and 1999's Clarity. As Punknews points out, it remains to be seen if the record will come out on Interscope (the band has said their contract is about to expire, but their MySpace lists it as their label) or will be self-released.

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