Glee to Do Rocky Horror Episode -- This Explains What's Wrong with the World

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Glee panel at San Diego's Comic-Con.
Every time you turn around, it seems like Glee has found another way to make headlines, while simultaneously luring in unsuspecting youth and sterilizing everything about music culture for them. Our writers have just about had enough of them, and yet, the show finds another way to take something that once represented counter-culture, and no doubt turn it into a mainstream joy-fest.

According to Idolator, Glee star Ryan Murphy announced at San Diego's Comic-Con that the cast is planning a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode. Am I the only one that thinks not everyone's parental units seeking PG entertainment will be happy?

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you dirty little cencored bastard. What, you think that just because some guys running around in tights doing a song means that the whole thing should be censored? You're just like those 60's radicals who hated elvis so much just because he leaned over a lot and danced with his feet stuck to the ground. what the heck!? i mean, i can understand things like the pictures of that one girl grom glee in stockings, panties, and a bra licking a lollipop and leaning on a locker, no one in their right minds would be okay with their seven year old, or even pre-teen, young teens watching something like that. but you're hating on the stupidest things! You seem like the kind of person who would burn books. Besides, the show Glee isn't even made for kids. That's why its tv14. And you know what? Censorship, with a few small exceptions, is a disgrace to the country, and goes against the constitution. Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime . . . .” — Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, dissenting Ginzberg v. United States, 383 U.S. 463 (1966) What person should have the right to limit another persons constitutional right to freedom?The liberals value the first amendment and freedom of speech because they believe if that is limited or censored any further, that Americans may see their freedoms slowly slip away.that may not concern you so much, since you seem to want to keep things censored. until it hits you, too.

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