Black Cactus Records Co-Op, Justin Bieber, Barenaked Ladies, and More in This Week's Issue

Black Cactus Boys.jpg
The boys of Black Cactus Records.
This week's music feature is on the new, local, DIY, cooperative record label called Black Cactus Records.They're borderline socialists, and they take their business seriously. Oh yeah, and they're releasing a comp album featuring their catalog of local artists on Friday, July 23.

Have you ever wondered just how, (or why) Justin Bieber has risen to such a pinnacle of teen idol-dom? We trace the origins of the "Bieber fever" phenomenon

for you.

And just in case you were in need of another music history lesson, we present the story of the Barenaked Ladies, in abbreviated timeline fashion. Don't let their humble Canadian roots mislead you though -- there's more juice than you think.

Plus we've got a CD review of the new Jaill record by Nothing Not New's Jay Bennett, as well as show previews for Game, Miniature Tigers, and The Scorpions.

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