Barenaked Ladies, Night Swim, Justin Bieber, and Halloween on the Salt River Over the Weekend

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Barenaked Ladies and Kris Allen at Dodge Theatre
Ed Robertson is probably the more talented of the two founding members of Barenaked Ladies. Creative input aside, Robertson is a master chameleon, both able to mimic the boisterous nerdiness of ex-frontman Steven Page and do all the little things Page could never do, like rap the verses to the band's smash "One Week."...full story

See: Barenaked Ladies in photos

Night Swim at Hotel Theodore
Tired of pool parties yet? We're not either. That's why we stopped by Night Swim at Hotel Theodore this weekend. Bikini-clad beauties and their boyos showed up late to swim the night away...see photos

Halloween Tubing at the Salt River
That's right. Floaters brought the typical marshmallows and coolers full of brew, but they also brought last year's Halloween costumes for a slightly spookier trip down the river. What is the SPF rating on vampire make-up?...see photos

Justin Bieber and Friends at Arena
Justin Bieber brought his teenaged musical stylings to arena yesterday. We've been informed that his bangs are where his talent lies, but we wouldn't know. Just trying to get into the venue last night was made impossible by the ear-piercing, girlie screams of Bieber's glitter-covered, sign-clutching super fans...see photos

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